AMANPURI offers an ideal UI that satisfies all users, from new users to professional traders. Our multilingual customer support will available via telephone and it reduces the customer’s stress level.

We provide innovative solutions to hacking damage that is considered to be a problem in crypto currency exchanges. We protect customer assets 100% by partnering with major custodians.

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AMANPURI Exchange's ecosystem consists of spot transactions, up to 100 times high-leverage trading system, and complete security with 100% protection of customer assets through collaboration with major custodians.


High leverage

AMANPURI Exchange is a DLT exchange that offers up to 100 times leveraged transaction platform as a main service. Our original tokens (AMAL) allows a 50% reduction of expensive commissions which can be obstacles in leverage transactions.


AMANPURI provides the highest security and reliability based on the 100% protection of customer assets with an original security system, a pool of supplementary funds and discrete management in collaboration with major custodians.

Customer support

We have introduced telephone customer support systems that are available in English, Chinese, Korean, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Portuguese.

Simple navigation systems

The intuitive, simple navigation system has an effective interface even with new users and offers a satisfying platform for experienced investors.

Token allocation

AMAL will be allocated as shown in the figure below.

  • 60% - Sales

  • 20% - Exchange Holdings

  • 10% - Team

  • 5% - Advisors

  • 5% - Various prize program rewards


Allocation of Public Token Sale Funds



Try the demo version of the AMANPURI Exchange now. You will be welcomed by a friendly user interface and operability. We look forward to receiving any feedback from you.

  • Friendly UI / UX

    The intuitive, simple navigation system that has an effective interface

  • Useful charts for technical analysis

    Easy to use even for entry level traders! Can do an analysis at a professional level too!

  • Variety of leveraged brands

    A variety of brands, such as BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, EOS, ADA, LTC etc. are available to trade with.

Phase 1 Demo coming soon...
Phase 2 sales platform coming soon...
Phase 3 MVP coming soon...

Download Whitepaper

The white paper briefly explains what AMANPURI and the ecosystem are about and presents our philosophy on the problems of the industry. It is intended to help readers understand current industry problems, understand AMANPURI’s solutions to them and help to make better investment decisions.



Isao FujiwaraCEO

Isao FujiwaraCEO

I have been in the field of finance for 10 years and have abundant experience especially in fund management, investment management, FX exchange management and consulting.
AMANPURI strives to focus on the needs of “the current” rather than the needs of “the future” and to enhance our corporate value as a DTL exchange and a SDGs supporting company.

David OkeCommunity manager

An ardent cryptocurrency enthusiast, with an apt knowledge about the blockchain technology. A cryptocurrency investment expert with knowledge on different cryptocurrency mining services, experienced in bitcoin mining. Experienced in ICO project community management and promotions. Providing all necessary support as project promotions/marketing and community management.

kyon YoshiharaMarketing Adviser

I am a consultant specialising in blockchain, ICO and STO. I also hold workshops on those subjects.
I consulted on common problems that companies and industries face using blockchain technology regardless of the nature of the industry, for example: verification of the origin of vegetables, management of insurance money pay-outs and billing history, and proof of pedigree of dogs and cats.
I am in the top 3 Japanese ICO experts at ICObench.

Nguyen Son TungDevelopment manager

After graduated from FPT University - Software Engineer with excellent grade, Nguyen Son Tung started professional career as technical leader at FPT Software. After 1 year, opportunity came to him with project manager role for a big Japanese customer. Follow the success delivery of that project, he continued in charge as project manager for many projects later. Until now, he is working at Vnext, as manager and project manager and project supervisor of blockchain projects.

Maxwell NguyenTechnical leader

Maxwell Nguyen started his career as a server-side engineer at DeNA, one of the biggest mobile gaming service providers around based in Japan, and got experience on building scalable systems for millions of users before turning his focus to blockchain. Currently, he is a Technical Leader of VNEXT, especially in blockchain and ICO.

Giovanni CasagrandeBlockchain/ICO Adviser

I’m a believer in the power of decentralization and the remarkable impact it can have on our lives.
I’m a writer, public speaker, investor, advisor and connector in the space.
Fortuned enough to lived in the transition, I bring two decades of traditional business experience coupled with the new decentralized frontier.

Oksana BelousovaBlockchain/ICO Adviser

About me: With more than 12 years of experience in marketing and sales of banking and insurance business.
Since the end of 2015, I have focused on digital assets, becoming a crypto enthusiast.
I was actively involved in cryptocurrency trading and blockchain portfolio management.
I am currently an experienced ICO strategy specialist. Co-founder of "Fenix-Agency" Advertising and promotion of projects ICO/STO and Blockchain Industry. To date, I have participated in more than 15 ICO projects.

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